鋼琴獨奏曲集 (我們什麼時候可以跳舞) 麗莎‧德勒沙爾 鋼琴


Piano Solo Collection (When Can We Dance) Lisa Delle SalLesal Piano
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Piano Solo Collection (When Can We Dance) Lisa Delle SalLesal Piano
鋼琴獨奏曲集 (我們什麼時候可以跳舞) 麗莎‧德勒沙爾 鋼琴

我們什麼時候可以跳舞 (蓋希文/皮亞左拉/聖桑…鋼琴獨奏曲集)
麗莎‧德勒沙爾 鋼琴

Four years after her boundary-breaking album Bach Unlimited, pianist Lise de la Salle presents an extremely personal odyssey inspired by her love of the dance and her fascination with the period 1850 to 1950.

More than just a question, Lise de la Salle's 'when do we dance?' is an invitation to a voyage, 'one that explores the different ways in which dance takes possession of the body'. A voyage in time, through a whole century (1850-1950) with the accent on modernity; a voyage over the oceans, from North America to Eastern Europe, criss-crossing Argentina, Spain, France, Hungary and Russia; a voyage to the very core of rhythm, that essential anchor point for the dance as for music in general, that enlivens the ragtimes of Gershwin and Bolcom, Bartok's folk dances, a waltz by Saint-Saens and a tango by Stravinsky


george gershwin 1898-1937
1 when do we dance? 1925 3'07
art tatum 1909-56
2 tea for two 1933 3'40
william bolcom b.1938
3 graceful ghost rag, from three ghost rags 1970 5'03
fats waller 1904-43
4 vipers drag 1934 3'54

astor piazzolla 1921-92
5 libertango 1974 3'34
alberto evaristo ginastera 1916-83
danzas argentinas | argentine dances op.2 1937
6 Danza del viejo boyero | Dance of the Old Cowherd 1'22
7 Danza de la moza donosa | Dance of the Delightful Young Girl 4'21
8 Danza del gaucho matrero | Dance of the Cunning Gaucho 3'09

manuel de falla 1876-1946
9 danza ritual del fuego | ritual fire dance, from el amor brujo |
love the magician 1915-16 3'57

maurice ravel 1875-1937
valses nobles et sentimentales 1911
10 Modere, tres franc 1'28
11 Assez lent, avec une expression intense 2'55
12 Modere 1'21
13 Assez anime 1'19
14 Presque lent, dans un sentiment intime 1'48
15 Vif 0'48
16 Moins vif 3'31
17 Épilogue, lent 5'26
camille saint-saens 1835-1921
18 etude en forme de valse, from six etudes op.52 no.6 1877 7'59

bela bartok 1881-1945
román nepi táncok | romanian folk dances sz.56 1915
19 Bot tánc/Jocul cu bâta | Stick Dance 1'25
20 Brâul | Sash Dance 0'29
21 Topogo/Pe loc | In One Spot 0'51
22 Bucsumí tánc/Buciumeana | Dance from Bucsum 0'34
23 Román polka/Poarga Româneasca | Romanian Polka 0'31
24 Aprozo/Maruntel | Fast Dance 1'04

igor stravinsky 1882-1971
25 tango 1940 3'12
alexander scriabin 1872-1915
26 waltz in a flat major op.38 1903 7'25
sergei rachmaninoff 1873-1943
transcription vyacheslav gryaznov b.1982
27 polka italienne 1906 4'15

钢琴独奏曲集 (我们什么时候可以跳舞) 丽莎‧德勒沙尔 钢琴

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