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General Information

About Tplaza+

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Serving modern variety products worldwide for multi-cultural families.

Tplaza+ aims for international consumers to buy products directly from poppular Taiwanese brands.  Our mission is to bring Modern Varieties to multi-cultural families worldwide. Tplaza now has wide range of customers in Australia, USA, Canada and Europe.

Products of Tplaza start with all traditional Chinese books ecommerce for the needs of a modern, bilingual lifestyle.  On the journey of our development, Tplaza focus on bringing more innovative products from authentic brands to our global customers.  In 2022, we expand the product lines to popular categories, and here come Tplaza+ (


Unique Features of Tplaza+

Cross-border Ecommerce Marketplace
English and Chinese Bilingual Interface
International Payment Gateway for multi-currency payments

Products & Services


The T of Tplaza stands for:  Taiwan, Tradition, Trending, Technology, Touch, Travel, Tea. Tplaza products are mainly selected items of innovative and designer brands. Many of them are new items freshly introduced to the market. Our goal is to provide more product diversity into global marketplace.

Marketing with Tplaza

Tplaza+ is the express gateway to international market. Many designers & innovative brands choose Tplaza as their international marketing marketplace. Now there are thousands popular brands in Tplaza+.  We wish you enjoy the business with us.




2012 年始Tplaza 的產品從中文書籍開始,網址是 ,我們希望對全世界華人滿足現代雙語生活方式的需求;在我們的發展歷程中,Tplaza 更專注於為全球客戶帶來更多正宗品牌的創新產品,2022年,我們將產品線擴展到熱門品類,Tplaza+ ( 從此誕生。








Tplaza的T代表:  Taiwan、Tradition、Trending、Technology、Touch、Travel、Tea。Tplaza+ 產品主要是精選的創新及設計師品牌的產品。其中許多是剛剛推向市場的新產品。我們的目標是向全球市場提供更多的產品多樣性。

Tplaza帶來了來自創新品牌供應商的各種優質產品。Tplaza 的產品均經過精心挑選,具有精美的設計和創新的價值。


與 Tplaza+合作

Tplaza+是通往國際市場的快速門戶。許多設計師和創新品牌選擇Tplaza+ 作為他們的國際營銷平台。現在Tplaza+裡有上千個熱門品牌。我們希望您能享受Tplaza+ 帶來的價值與服務。