Baby音樂感官教室 3CD


Baby Music Senses Classroom 3CD
CD Special 親子音樂
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Baby Music Senses Classroom 3CD
Baby音樂感官教室 3CD

★CD1 看誰在說話
01.看誰在說話 Who Be talking
02.伴你天天長大 Accompany you to grow up
03.加入遊戲中 Join the game
04.親子同樂 Play games together
05.愛的流動 Love's wave
06.吹動活力號角 Vibrant horn
07.比手畫腳歌 Move your hand and foot
08.繞個圈圈跳跳舞 Round a circle to dance
09.無憂的調皮異想 The kid's free imagination
10.淘氣小搗蛋 Naughty of rascal
11.開心遊樂園 Happy amusement park
12.一個愉快下午 In a relaxed afternoon

★CD2 旋轉木馬音樂盒
01.天使圓舞曲 Angel's waltz
02.可愛娃娃兵 Lovely little soldier
03.聽見天堂 Hear the sound of heaven
04.哄哄寶貝 Pacify the baby
05.溫柔安眠曲 Soft lullaby
06.甜蜜糖果盒 Sweet candy box
07.夢的深呼吸 The deep breathing of dream
08.歡樂的旋轉木馬 Happy carousel
09.擁你在懷裡 Hold you tight
10.開啟心靈童話 Open fairy story of mind
11.親親小寶貝 – Kiss the little baby
12.靜夜裡 Peaceful night

★CD3 莫札特的星空
01.a小調第11號演奏土耳其輪旋曲 Turkish Rondo From 'Sonata No. 11 In A Minor'
02.費加洛婚禮序曲K.492 "The Marriage Of Figaro" K492
03.魔笛K.620 Die Zauberflue(Magic Flute), K 620
04.協奏圓舞曲第23號 Concetos No.23 in A,K.488
05.C大調第41號邱比特交響曲K551之第2章 Jupiter Symphony No. 41 in C Major K5551 2nd Movement
06.艾維拉.馬蒂根鋼琴協奏曲 Concerto No.21 in C major K467, 'Elvira Madigan'
07.G大調第13號小夜曲K525 Serenade No.13 in G major 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik'
08.A大調稍快版 Clarinet Quinter in A.K.581
09.40號G小調 Symphony No.40 in G min.K550(Allegro molto)
10.協奏曲26號D大調 Concetos No.26 in D.K537Andante
11.捕捉美麗的星空 Touch a beautiful sky
12.愛的啟蒙歌 Love Of Enlighten Song

  影片類別:胎教音樂類 影片級別:普遍級 光碟片數:共3片

Baby音乐感官教室 3CD

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